The Epic Team

The Epic Team is a highly specialised, market oriented, delivery focussed group of creative event producers trained in project management and event support services.

We have a passion for producing events, exhibitions, entertainment and more. We take pride in our original ideas and dedication to delivering innovative and unique events.

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What we do

The Epic Team is an event production company that strives to bring ideas and concepts to life, delivering professional, stylish and seamless events.

With four teams specialising in the areas of Public Events, Corporate Events, Major Events or Conferences and Exhibitions, we will work with you to make your vision happen.

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Our Teams


Public Events Team

The Public Events Team has been consistently delivering extraordinary events for the past twenty+ years. The team specialises in events staged largely for social, fun and entertainment value in the public community.

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Corporate Events Team

The Corporate Events Team take pride in producing events from conferences to product launches or gala dinners to brand experiences that realise your vision and highlight your brand and corporate message.

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Conferences & Exhibitions Team

Connection, Communication, Inspiration: The Conferences & Exhibitions Team produce professional development conferences, networking opportunities and raise brand awareness while connecting delegates with stakeholders in the exhibition.

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Major Events Team

No idea or dream is too big to realise. The specialised Major Events Team are skilled in conceiving, creating and delivering events and productions on the grand scale.

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